MLK Day 2018 – Day of Service Plans

MLK Day of Service
Cooper River Park Invasive Plants Removal

Monday, January 15, 2018 (9:00AM – 12:00PM)
This will be a rain/snow or shine event.

Cooper River Park in Haddon Township, near Cuthbert Blvd.
Meeting place is 321 South Park Dr. Plenty of parking for school bus and private vehicles in gravel parking lot on South Park Drive at base of Bradford Ave.

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Why: Invasive plants negatively affect our forests, parks and open space. They do not provide the food source and habitat the area’s wildlife depend on and reduce plant diversity by crowing-out native species. Trash negatively affects wildlife also, and must be removed.

This is a joint event with Boy Scout Troop #179.

Volunteers will be trained to identify the common non-native plant species that have over-taken the lakefront riparian buffers. Volunteers will be provided hand tools and heavy work gloves to cut the multiflora rose, Japanese knotweed and mile-a-minute vine as low to the ground as possible. In the spring, we will plant bare root native oaks and willows to try and out-compete those nasty non-natives from battling back. We will bag the cut vegetation for disposal. Trash collection is also part of the activity for those that should not handle tools or be deep in the brush.

WARNING – these invasive plants are “beasts” in that they are thorny! This means in in the literal sense, not in that they just have bad attitudes.  Volunteers will be provided heavy-duty work gloves, but must wear rugged and warm pants and coat.  Troop 179 will also provide plenty of hot chocolate to warm their innards while providing plenty of work to do, to warm their outards.




Pack Sleepover 2018 at the Adventure Aquarium

Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ
February 9th, 2018

This is a fun night of exploring the exhibits, getting behind the scenes tours, and participating in some exciting activities. The program begins at 6:00 pm and runs through the night. The price includes all tours and activities, a light snack before lights out, a continental breakfast, and admission to the museum on Saturday.


The cost is $65 per person and requires a $25 deposit to hold your spots. Space is limited to a first come first served basis. Please indicate that you would like to attend (email cubscoutpack179@outlook.com) and bring your payment to the next meeting.



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Christmas Caroling 2017

Rohrer Towers II


Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Tuesday is our annual Christmas Caroling Night. It’s an opportunity for the Pack to give to the community and have some fun at the same time. There will be cookies and hot cocoa. We hope to see you there.

Rohrer Towers 2
300 West Crystal Lake Avenue
Westmont, NJ

* Arrive between 6:45 and 7 pm.
* Park anywhere around the building


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Holiday Bonfire 2017

December 12th
Edison School Woods

The Pack is hosted by our own Boy Scout Troop #179 for a night of toasted marshmallows, hot cocoa, Christmas carols, and possibly a US Flag retirement.

Come on out and enjoy the night!

If you know of a kid that enjoys this kind of thing, and they are not in the Pack, let the Cubmaster know and bring them along!

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Pack Outdoor Day 2017

Pack Outdoor Day, 2017

Saturday, November 18. 11am-3pm.


Join the pack for a day of hiking and outdoor games!


Camp Grice (adjacent to main Camp Roosevelt site)


124 Daretown Rd, Elmer, NJ 08318

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Remember to dress for the weather, 55F.

We are meeting under the Pavilion.

We will have signs directing Cubs and families to the Pavilions.
Bring lunch and a water bottle for the day.

Webelo II boys will make the campfires for the Pack, and also prepare part of lunch. This will be exciting!

Bring your own pole, bait, etc if you want to fish – the water’s open!

If you plan to attend, please email  cubscoutpack179@outlook.com
or post to the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/cubscoutpack179/



See you there!





Shopping List Recap

Shopping List for the Fall, 2017 Event:
1. Chicken breast strips, raw. 6lb
2. Onions. 1 bag
3. Sweet peppers. 6
4. Carrots. 2 bags
5. Potatoes. 1 bag
6. Vegetable oil. 1 bottle
7. Salt shaker. 1
8. Pepper shaker. 1
9. Hot sauce. 1 bottle
10. Cheddar cheese. 2lb block, 2 blocks
11. Hot dogs and buns. 24 hot dogs, 32 buns
12. Heavy duty foil. 2 rolls
13. Bag of apples. 1 bag
14. Bag of grapes. 2 bags
15. Bag of marshmallows. 2 bags
16. Hershey bars. 3 mini packages
17. Graham crackers. 2 boxes
18. Gallon jug of water. 3 jugs
19. Instant drink powder the kids can mix into their water.

We did not buy wood. There was wood at Grice but most of it was damp.

Wash the food beforehand. Chop up the chicken strips beforehand so kids are not handling raw chicken that much.

Stuff to bring
1. Biodegradable camp soap.
2. Plastic camping cutting boards.
3. Enough large sharp cutting knives that the Webelo can use to cut up vegetables and cheese.

Tinder (dryer lint and vaseline)
Kindling - boys scavenge for that.

Halloween Pack Parade 2017

Join the Pack as we march down Haddon Avenue for the 70th Annual Westmont Lions parade!

Parade marching begins at 7:30.


Haddon Ave will be shut down promptly at 6:45.

By 7:00, all Pack boys should assemble behind MacMillan’s bakery wearing their activity shirt or full Field Uniform. Dress for the weather but make the uniform visible if possible. We will distribute costumes and get the boys organized.

Pro tip – having a flashlight while we wait to march helps.



We will need 2-4 wagons to accept canned goods from people on the parade route. Our collection is donated to the Theresa of Calcutta food pantry.


If we do well during the parade, the Westmont Lions Club will award us!  Details are available on the HT website.


Pack Registration and Tie Dye Pack Meeting 2017

Pack 179’s season starts with Tie Dye Night – the boys make their activity shirt that they wear throughout the year at meetings and times when the full Field Uniform does not make sense.

All boys are expected to come to make their own shirt.

Instructions on shirt handling are located in the Pack Files Site.


The location of Tuesday’s Tie-Dye/Registration Night has changed due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict.

Our meeting will be Tuesday, October 3rd at Haddon Township High School from 6:30 to 8:00.

We will be outside for our tie-dying. Please dress your boys for the weather. Remember this is registration as well; the cost is $75 per child for the year. Please, feel free to contact me with any questions.

Looking forward to a fun night and a great year of scouting,

Jeff McDonald
Cubmaster, Pack 179

Schedule for October 3rd Registration/Tie-Die Night
6:30 K-1st Grade
6:50 2nd Grade
7:10 3rd Grade
7:30 4th & 5th Grades
If you have multiple boys, you can bring them all at the same time.
Please remember to bring a gallon size zip-lock bag with your child’s name on it. Once you have registered and dyed a shirt, you can head home.



Pack Camp Out Spring 2017 – UPDATE

Roosevelt Scout Reserve. Elmer, NJ.

Camping has been cancelled for this date.
We will have 3 consecutive days of rain.

Sorry! This was completely unforseen of course.
Blue and Gold Event will still occur on Saturday night, allowing Webelo-II boys to bridge over.

Please stay tuned for more timing and location info (somewhere within Haddon Twp).

Please email cubscoutpack179@outlook.com  with any questions.


Pack Camp Out Spring 2017

Roosevelt Scout Reserve. Elmer, NJ.

Roosevelt Campground, May 12th – May 14th.

We are returning to Roosevelt Scout Reservation this year. We have reserved BP Woods and Turrell campsites. (Maps and directions will follow). This can be an overnighter for your family or a weekend camping trip starting Friday night. Folks can come down anytime Friday-Saturday. The camp provides lake and fishing and hikes. Games and sports will occur. Boy Scout Troop 179 hosts and entertains the Cubs with evening festivities.

The cost will be $20/person and I will collect it at camp. Please indicate in an email if your family is attending and the head count. Also, if you can let me know what day you are coming down, that would be helpful too.

The Pack and Troop will provide food and the fun and the families will provide tents, sleeping bags, clothes, toiletries, etc.

Please email cubscoutpack179@outlook.com  with the total number of people attending (adult and kid) to ensure we have enough supplies (food and etc).

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Webelo 2 Cubs – Troop 179 Summer Camp Info

Summer Camp Info Meeting for Webelo-2 Cubs and Parents

Hello parents of Pack 179 Webelos 2s,

You and your Webelos 2 Scout are invited to the Boy Scout Troop meeting next Thursday night, where we will talk about our upcoming summer camp trip down on the Chesapeake Bay from August 6-12. The Troop meeting is at 7PM at the Westmont Methodist Church – 200 Emerald St., Westmont.

The rest of the story…My name is Fred Stine and I’m the Scoutmaster for Haddon Twp’s Boy Scout Troop 179. I have followed my two sons through scouting, serving, for over 10 years, as Scoutmaster, to Cubmaster and back to Scoutmaster. Yes, I say I do it all for them, but, honestly, I enjoy the outdoors, leadership development and community service too.

As your son completes his Webs-2 requirements, he becomes eligible to join the Troop. Webs-2’s graduating to the Boy Scouts (or, as we call it, “bridging”) is how nearly all of T179’s scouts joined. We want your son to join too. We also want him to invite his other friends to join Boy Scouts whether they were in Cubs or not. The Bridging ceremony will be Saturday, May 13th during the after dinner campfire.

The Troop goes camping once a month. This year, we backpacked in the Catskills, winter camped in the Pine Barrens, went skiing and paintballing. One of the best trips we take every year is going to summer camp. Summer camp is a 7 day, 6 night adventure where the boys spend learning about all things Scouting: how to start and cook over campfire, how to sharpen a pocket knife and whittle/carve safety, better swimming skills, basic first aid, mountain bike riding and much, much more. They do it with their friends from the Troop and other scouts from the area.

As a Cub parent, you may be hesitant to send your 11 year older off for 7 days. I was. But the good news is that, if you wish, you and your son could visit summer camp a day or 2 just to see what it’s all about.

I am holding a T179 scout/parent meeting next Thurs night (7PM) to start signing T179 scouts up for the different merit badges they’ll want to take this summer camp. Please bring your son to get more information on summer camp and the Troop. Once your son turns 11 and completes his Webs-2 requirements, he can join the Troop and start going on Troop trips. We would love that. The more Cubs and their friends that join the Troop, the better.

Mr. Fred Stine


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