Pack Outdoor Day, 2017

Saturday, November 18. 11am-3pm.


Join the pack for a day of hiking and outdoor games!


Camp Grice (adjacent to main Camp Roosevelt site)


124 Daretown Rd, Elmer, NJ 08318

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Remember to dress for the weather, 55F.

We are meeting under the Pavilion.

We will have signs directing Cubs and families to the Pavilions.
Bring lunch and a water bottle for the day.

Webelo II boys will make the campfires for the Pack, and also prepare part of lunch. This will be exciting!

Bring your own pole, bait, etc if you want to fish – the water’s open!

If you plan to attend, please email
or post to the Facebook group



See you there!





Shopping List Recap

Shopping List for the Fall, 2017 Event:
1. Chicken breast strips, raw. 6lb
2. Onions. 1 bag
3. Sweet peppers. 6
4. Carrots. 2 bags
5. Potatoes. 1 bag
6. Vegetable oil. 1 bottle
7. Salt shaker. 1
8. Pepper shaker. 1
9. Hot sauce. 1 bottle
10. Cheddar cheese. 2lb block, 2 blocks
11. Hot dogs and buns. 24 hot dogs, 32 buns
12. Heavy duty foil. 2 rolls
13. Bag of apples. 1 bag
14. Bag of grapes. 2 bags
15. Bag of marshmallows. 2 bags
16. Hershey bars. 3 mini packages
17. Graham crackers. 2 boxes
18. Gallon jug of water. 3 jugs
19. Instant drink powder the kids can mix into their water.

We did not buy wood. There was wood at Grice but most of it was damp.

Wash the food beforehand. Chop up the chicken strips beforehand so kids are not handling raw chicken that much.

Stuff to bring
1. Biodegradable camp soap.
2. Plastic camping cutting boards.
3. Enough large sharp cutting knives that the Webelo can use to cut up vegetables and cheese.

Tinder (dryer lint and vaseline)
Kindling - boys scavenge for that.