Summer Camp Info Meeting for Webelo-2 Cubs and Parents

Hello parents of Pack 179 Webelos 2s,

You and your Webelos 2 Scout are invited to the Boy Scout Troop meeting next Thursday night, where we will talk about our upcoming summer camp trip down on the Chesapeake Bay from August 6-12. The Troop meeting is at 7PM at the Westmont Methodist Church – 200 Emerald St., Westmont.

The rest of the story…My name is Fred Stine and I’m the Scoutmaster for Haddon Twp’s Boy Scout Troop 179. I have followed my two sons through scouting, serving, for over 10 years, as Scoutmaster, to Cubmaster and back to Scoutmaster. Yes, I say I do it all for them, but, honestly, I enjoy the outdoors, leadership development and community service too.

As your son completes his Webs-2 requirements, he becomes eligible to join the Troop. Webs-2’s graduating to the Boy Scouts (or, as we call it, “bridging”) is how nearly all of T179’s scouts joined. We want your son to join too. We also want him to invite his other friends to join Boy Scouts whether they were in Cubs or not. The Bridging ceremony will be Saturday, May 13th during the after dinner campfire.

The Troop goes camping once a month. This year, we backpacked in the Catskills, winter camped in the Pine Barrens, went skiing and paintballing. One of the best trips we take every year is going to summer camp. Summer camp is a 7 day, 6 night adventure where the boys spend learning about all things Scouting: how to start and cook over campfire, how to sharpen a pocket knife and whittle/carve safety, better swimming skills, basic first aid, mountain bike riding and much, much more. They do it with their friends from the Troop and other scouts from the area.

As a Cub parent, you may be hesitant to send your 11 year older off for 7 days. I was. But the good news is that, if you wish, you and your son could visit summer camp a day or 2 just to see what it’s all about.

I am holding a T179 scout/parent meeting next Thurs night (7PM) to start signing T179 scouts up for the different merit badges they’ll want to take this summer camp. Please bring your son to get more information on summer camp and the Troop. Once your son turns 11 and completes his Webs-2 requirements, he can join the Troop and start going on Troop trips. We would love that. The more Cubs and their friends that join the Troop, the better.

Mr. Fred Stine


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